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Frequently Asked Questions
Who Can Volunteer
AnswerIf you live in the McMechen V.F.D. Response are you may join as a full Member. Other may join as an Associate Member.

What do volunteers do?
There are all sorts of positions that volunteers are needed to fill. These range from fire fighting and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to administrative duties as well as Associate Membership. By becoming a volunteer you will be providing the community with an invaluable service.
With the proper training you would be able to participate in:
fire suppression
rescue of victims trapped by fire or motor vehicle accidents
treatment and transport of victims experiencing medical or traumatic emergencies
driving and maintaining emergency vehicles
providing various public assistance, inspection, investigation, and educational services
  Associate Membership help for fund raisers that support the McMechen V.F.D.
What types of people volunteer?
Our volunteers come from many walks of life. We have college and high school students, professionals, and homemakers that take time from their busy lives to give back to the community by volunteering their services at McMechen V.F.D.. In fact the more diverse our members backgrounds are, the stronger our organization becomes.
What are the benefits?
Free Training
Helping out the community
New Friends and Fire Department Family
Low cost Accidental Death Benefits 
for more information on Benefits please look at the National Volunteer Fire Councils Website
What are the qualification requirements?
In order to become a Firefighter or Emergency Medical Services Provider you must:
Be at least  (16 years old Junior ) (18 years old for McMechen V.F.D.)
Submit to and pass a background investigation.
Pass an interview with the board of trustees ( 1st Sunday of every month at 6:30pm)
Pass 2 readings at our Monthly Fire Department Meeting.
What is the application process?
An application packet consists of a written application to the McMechen V.F.D.and interview with the board of trustees on ( 3rd Sunday of every month at 6:30pm) Upon approval of the application the applicant must attend 2 monthly meeting and have their application voted on my the floor of the McMechen V.F.D. (MEETINGS ARE THE 3rd Monday of every month, Meeting time 7:30pm)
Members then receive 1 year probation.
Who do I talk to about questions?
If you have more questions about becoming a volunteer you can e-mail McMechen V.F.D. at or call the station at (304) 232-4650 if no answer please leave a message.

In addition, please feel free to stop by the station at any time for information, tours and application packets are always available.
Applications may also be downloaded:  Click Here To Join Our Team
Thank You For Your Consideration, We look forward in meeting. Help Us Always remain:

"Always Ready Always Faithful"

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